Parallel Space: An Unparalleled Solution to Accessing Multiple Accounts

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The ever-increasing pace of society has characterized a culture of “more is better”, especially for technological horsepower and efficiency. This notion of constantly increasing performance is particularly exemplified with the exponential rise in internet bandwidth, RAM, processing power, and even circuitry power within the last quarter-century. Despite the attitude of increasing quantity as a means of expanding capacity, we approach the horizons of technological boundaries, forcing us to double-up on devices as a means of overcoming the rate at which everyday life is surpassing the development of technology. This is embodied in the increasing number of workplaces that give two phones, two computer monitors, and even two streams of social media accounts for personal and professional circumstances.


Countering the need for multiple devices as a means of running dual operations simultaneously, Parallel Space offers an unparalleled system for this multi-device inconvenience, despite its name. Free on the Google Play Store, Parallel Space enables users to simultaneously access multiple social media, game, and other accounts on a single device. The ability to connect and use numerous accounts simultaneously unlocks endless applications for those who are limited by the linear-performing functions of their device. Giving way to accessing multiple accounts on the same social media network or multiple players in a game, Parallel Space fundamentally doubles the capacity at which phones regularly operate at, effectively combining the power of two phones into one.

While most people today have multiple accounts on a particular social media network for work and personal circumstances, accessing both on one device requires the sluggish processes of logging out and signing back in on the alternative account or carrying two separate devices. With Parallel Space, redundancies in multiple devices or constant account switching are eliminated with a single tap in order to alternate between accounts. Beautifully designed, a wide array of functions are at the users disposal at the main page, from setting notifications, password protection, task and storage managers, and even incognito mode for confidential usage, all of which can be customized app-specific for greater control.

The ability of the app to retain speed capacity widely differentiates itself from other competitors, notably 2Accounts and App Cloner which gradually strains the resources of the phone, causing lag and speed issues when running multiple accounts. Beyond performance, Parallel Space’s beautiful design triumphs over its rivals with an intuitive layout and walkthrough. Uncluttered and without the confusing jargon of contending apps such as “clone” and “subsidiary activation”, users are introduced to a user-friendly walkthrough to setting up multiple accounts in less than 30 seconds.

With the idea of simplicity in mind when developing the app, all that is required of the user is to select the app which they wish to run with simultaneous accounts, click the duplicate button, and then log in. The layout deliberately allows for inter-app and alternative-app switching with a single click, making it the easiest app of its kind.
Even as the relatively young app accumulates tens of millions of downloads, users have already applied the application in creative and unique ways. Most notably, Parallel Space has given an advantage to those playing Pokémon Go as switching two accounts with the app increases the likelihood of accessing the server. As a single account runs twice simultaneously, the chances of catching rare Pokémon are effectively increased.

The only immediate caveat is the requirement of two mobile numbers to run multiple social media accounts. While the need for an alternative phone number to run the second account is a barrier, it can be quickly resolved by getting a free phone number from a texting app to receive the verification message. The possibilities for Parallel Space remain countless, ranging from solutions for social media users, gamers, and professionals alike.


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