An easy way to run more than one account of Facebook and Twitter

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Many smart phone users need to run more than one account on the social networking applications, especially Facebook, Twitter, Oatsab, some are forced to log out of the first account and enter the other, but this method does not provide a troublesome stay connected property accounts.
But this problem has a solution, meaning that the user can run more than one version of Facebook apps, Twitter, Oatsab, etc., without logging out, and can be done through theapplication of Parallel Space-Multi Accounts.
To enjoy this feature, you must after download and run the application, add the applications you want to run more than one account and then click on the Add button to Parallel Space.
You can also create a shortcut from the application through the constant pressure on the icon and then click on the Create Shortcut option, and then you can log in to another account.


Translated from: Libyaakhbar


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