How to use two WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook on your smartphone

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For one reason or another, many people have the need to manage multiple accounts on the same smartphone. Two profiles Twitter or Facebook, or Instagram. In these cases, the majority of users close an account and open another. A practice that can sometimes be long and tedious.

But not everyone knows that some applications allow you to keep active at more than one account , without, therefore, making many log in. One of these is Twitter, in its official version for iOS and Android . For the app that runs on Apple’s operating system, just go into the settings and add a new account. The procedure is also similarly on the green robot devices. The system will allow users to quickly switch between accounts. Another app with which you can manage multiple profiles is Instagram. Again, simply add a new account from the profile settings. The Facebook social platform allows you to add up to six accounts.

App to help you manage multiple accounts

Other applications, however, do not support multiple accounts, such as Facebook, WhatsApp , Signal or Snapchat. In this case, the only way to avoid closing an account and open another on the same mobile device is to enlist the help of apps produced by third parties. Some of them also much lighter , from the point of view of memory required, and less exorbitant data traffic. Let’s discover some of them, starting with Friendly .

Friendly is an application available for both iOS and Android both . To download just go on Google and Apple official market. It is good, in fact, be wary of apps from outside sources because you risk downloading dangerous software for devices and especially for the data contained within them. Friendly is very convenient because it allows you not only to manage multiple accounts, but also to control in one app Facebook, Instagram and Messenger .

The app  calleed Parallel Space – Multi Account  works in broad strokes. Parallel Space allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously on the same device by cloning an app. Even Parallel Space allows a high level of customization.


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