How Parallel Space helps you run multiple accounts on Android

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People are used to having multiple accounts on the Internet, whether it’s dual email accounts (one for work and the other for personal life) or multiple gaming accounts for video games for fun with friends. It’s relatively easy, in fact, for people to access multiple online accounts on desktops. When it comes to the smartphone, however, running multiple accounts for mobile apps is way too difficult.

Popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat are on almost everyone’s smartphone, each limiting access to a single account even though some users may prefer different identities or profiles, such as business and personal accounts on WhatsApp or Uber better work/life balance.

Why can’t someone figure out a way to allow people to run multiple accounts on a smartphone? Well, if you have a smartphone running Android 4.0, someone has. It’s called Parallel Space, and it’s free!

Parallel Space gives a user the ability to log into two different user accounts simultaneously by creating a separate (parallel) space on the Android device. Most apps in Google Play Store are compatible with Parallel Space. With this app, anyone can now could create, login and manage two accounts for each of Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and even Uber!

Parallel Space works pretty well with mobile games too. Now, a user can have two game accounts in exciting games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Candy Crush Saga, etc.

Parallel Space helps safeguard a user’s privacy and safety as well since it does not need root access. The newly updated version – Parallel Space 2.2 – allows a user to install and use the apps in an untraceable way. A person can keep his or her private apps in an independent space on Android without revealing any private information.

In addition, the “App Lock”, a feature from Parallel Space 2.2, allows a user to set up password or lock pattern for his/her Parallel Space. The user also has the flexibility to allow/block notifications from the apps which are installed in Parallel Space 2.2.  

What makes Parallel Space possible?

MultiDroid, the world’s first virtualization engine that supports individual mobile computing platforms, enables Parallel Space to create an independent virtual operating system on any Android device. By building a virtual operating system, which is separated from user’s original operating system, MultiDroid empowers a user to run apps in the virtual operating system the same way the app runs in the original Android operating environment. A user can also install or run the apps they want in the MultiDroid system without mirroring the running apps with the original operating system.

The company behind Parallel Space

LBE Tech is the developer of Parallel Space. After it first launched Parallel Space in February 2016, LBE has attracted 30 million downloads from over 100 countries, including US, France, Italy, India and Brazil. Parallel Space is also ranked No.10 on Google Play’s list of top free Android apps. More than 70% of Parallel Space users spend in excess of four hours every day with the app.

Industry veteran Yong Zhang founded LBE Tech in 2011. Since then, LBE has developed the world’s first Android application permissions management system, world’s largest Android application activity cloud and the world’s first application virtualization engine on Android operating system – MultiDroid.

The company has successively obtained the strategic investments from Tencent, Alibaba, and Xiaomi.

Parallel Space could be found on Google Play Store. Check it out here to download.


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