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For many people, running two social media accounts can be frustrating, mostly when they accidentally post a personal rant to a work account. Regardless, managing two accounts is something a lot of us do in the social media age. Don’t you wish there was an app that, I don’t know, allowed you to clone an application so you can switch between accounts simply by just flipping apps? Like, run a parallel app for a different account? Parallel Space is that app.

Parallel space clones your Facebook or Instagram accounts (or whatever social app you are using for dual purposes) and allows you to log in with multiple accounts. Additionally you can also clone game accounts for reasons that are beyond me. I’m still playing Jetpack Joyride. Data from the clone won’t interfere with the original account, unlike certain Michael Keaton movies.

Parallel Space is only available on Google Android. Sorry Apple iOS users, you’ll still have to carry two phones.


Source: Forbes

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