This is how you can use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

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Sometimes a single WhatsApp account  is not enough, especially if you use this application to work. Fortunately there is a formula for having two WhatsApp profiles on the same phone.

This trick excludes, almost radically, iPhone and iPads. This happens because Apple has extreme security with its equipment leaving only option the classic ‘jailbreak’.One of the least recommendable ways that some users use to get out of the extreme control of the apple.

On a phone that uses Android as an operating system is much simpler. Since this system allows to make chip changes. In addition, many computers that use dual-chip are under this system.

The first step to have two WhatsApp on the same phone is to install the Parallel Space application. This allows you to duplicate apps downloaded from the Play Store. Then you have to get two chips, also called SIM cards.

Then you have to activate both cards in the phone, if it allows, otherwise it will only try to change the chip again and again. If the device can support them, wait for the activation message in another terminal. This implies that you have two phone numbers to activate WhatsApp.


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