How to use two accounts in Clash Royale

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There is a simple enough trick to get double the cards and rewards in Clash Royale . It supposes, no more nor less, to use two accounts of this game. You only need the Parallel Space application and two Google accounts. And we will use one of the accounts to collect rewards and letters and pass them to the other. Something only users with Android phones can take advantage of.

The first thing is to create a second Google account . To get it just create a new email account from Gmail. Search for “Gmail” on Google and find the link to create a new account. Follow the steps and you already have it.

Then download Parallel Space. It is a free application that duplicates the applications of our mobile without having to reinstall them or to make complicated processes. This allows us to use two accounts in the same application at the same time and from the same mobile. When we started, we marked Clash Royale and executed the game.

Now comes the interesting part. Google Play Games, the platform of Android game profiles, proposes us to enter one of our Google accounts . We take the opportunity to introduce the one we just created. And so we started a new game.


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