Parallel Space is the app if you need more account on one device

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Do you use your smartphone for leisure and for your work and you want to keep separate these two issues? That’s not always easy with the default setting of your smartphone. For example, you have your private and business mail in one application and your contacts are mixed together. In this case, the application Parallel Space.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space makes your applications with a new configuration can be used again. Think of your mail, contacts as well as social media. Parallel Space supports almost all applications herein. Also WhatsApp.

In addition, Parallel Space is an ideal application to hide from friends or colleagues certain apps programs. So you can put your gallery application in Parallel Space so you do not have to worry that someone who sees special photos that you’d rather keep to yourself.



Parallel Space also gives the opportunity to certain cloned apps to feature a theme. This is possible for some social networking apps and themes can be downloaded from the theme store in the app.



Whether you Parallel Space now used to keep your personal life separate your work, whether you use it for certain apps to secure for friends and colleagues. In all cases, it is nice that you can protect the environment also with a PIN code or your fingerprint if supported by your smartphone.


Are you interested in the application, then he is free to download from the Google Play Store. This variant has only limited advertising that is not annoying in the way.


Source: DroidApp


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