Nokia is re-releasing the classic 3310 with a camera and even better battery life

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BARCELONA, Spain — Nokia announced at a press conference during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday that it will re-release its legendary 3310 phone which was first released in 2000.

Nokia is partnering with Finnish manufacturing company HMD Global to release a new range of phones.

At the end of the press conference in Barcelona, HMD Global CEO Arto Nummela said an Apple-style “and one more thing — I almost forgot” and announced the re-release of the Nokia 3310.

The updated 3310 handset will have an even larger battery life than the original phone. Nummela said on Sunday that the relaunched 3310 will have one-month standby time and 22 hours of talk time. The iPhone 7 has a 10-day standby time and 14 hours of talk time. Nummela said that was an improvement on the original release of the phone.

The new Nokia 3310 will come in four colours: Black, red, yellow, and grey. Nokia says on its website that the phone comes with a two megapixel camera but only 16 megabytes of memory. The phone will cost €49 (£42) at launch.


Source: Business Insider


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