Use WhatsApp in Parallel: This is how it works without root

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Using a trick WhatsApp in parallel and chat with two accounts on a smartphone: We reveal how this works even without complicated Rooten and completely risk-free on androids!

To do this, however, a small tool is required: With the download of the parallel space app, nearly all apps that are already installed on the smartphone can be mirrored in a second version and used with separate access data – even WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp in parallel: two accounts on one device

After the installation of ParallelSpace, various applications can be used in parallel with different accounts. All you need to do is switch between the primary user interface and the parallel port on the mobile phone. This can also be provided with its own design, so you always know which of the two surfaces you are currently on. The change between the first and the second user profile takes place with a wiping or with a tip on the icon of the application.

Once the tool is started, it automatically detects which apps are installed on the device and displays all the options from which a second account can be created. If you do not want to use all apps detected on your mobile device, you can simply remove the checkmarks and remove the duplicate of the application. To use WhatsApp in parallel, select the icon and start the messenger. If necessary, ParallelSpace has problems running WhatsApp properly on initial startup. In this case, the Messenger must first be uninstalled and downloaded again. First, users should remember to create a backup of their conversations. The article reinstalling WhatsApp and restoring chats reveals how to do this step by step. Afterwards you can – as you know from WhatsApp – start with the registration of the second account.

Register a second WhatsApp account

A phone number is required to register with Messenger. If you have not created your second account yet, you can even use a landline number. Alternatively, a second SIM card can also be used for the registration process. The only important thing is to have access to the verified verification code to unlock the account. Once registration is complete, WhatsApp can be used in parallel with two accounts on a single smartphone or tablet to separate business and private conversations. ParallelSpace offers a number of useful functions: not only can company e-mail and contact be managed and used under its own user interface. Even the browser with its own bookmarks and favorites can be changed easily. One last major advantage of the tool is that you can protect your conversations and usage habits elegantly from the eyes of partners, friends or colleagues.


Source: Translated from Freeware


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