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It has all happened to us that we would once wish to have in the same computer two accounts of some mobile application that we use enough, however the design of the same only allows us to have active one account at a time.

Examples of this is Whatsapp, where we can have a work number and other staff, while in other apps like Facebook we can have a public profile and a private one.

This is no problem thanks to Parallel Space, an app that will allow us to have more than one account open in our smartphone without any problem.

How does Parallel Space work?

Basically, the application creates a virtual space independent of the application to be cloned, which allows other apps to run inside, ie emulates an app that we already have an account as if it were a different application, with its Storable data.

So we can have the same application open twice on the same computer: one in the device itself and another in Parallel Space.

It is very easy to use, just open the app, so that we will see a menu (launcher) where we will ask to select the app that we want to replicate by means of a “plus” (+) button in the lower right, once Done this we will the screen “Clone apps” where we will select from a list the app to clone.

Once we have selected the apps we want, we must click the “Add in Parallel Space” button and we will return to the initial launcher, where we can select our app and start enjoying it from another account.

In the case of WhatsApp, the app will ask you for a phone number different from the main account, which must be available to receive a verification code and activate the account.

Parallel Space also works for games, so we can play campaigns with “ourselves” or repeat levels and in this way, plead our experience as a player and move faster.

Another advantage is the little space it uses, only 2 MB. Similarly, the app does not need root privileges, so we can run it without any problem on any device. However, it should be noted that Parallel Space will ask you for a lot of permissions, since when you replicate an app, you will need the same permissions as an app executed on the inside.

Also, you should not worry about where you will get navigation or mobile data to work, since both the memory, battery and data traffic consumed by Parallel Space are used by apps that run normally on your device, you can Check it in Storage or Task Manager in Parallel Space.

However, it should be noted that Parallel will not automatically launch duplicate apps when we power on our device. Until we open the duplicate application it will not start working.


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