Eight amazing things you can do with the Android

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Have Multiple Accounts On One Device

A lot of us have moved on – from having just one email or social media account to multiples. Some of you with multiple phone numbers may also have multiple WhatsApp accounts. But you can’t have these on all the same device – unless you use virtualisation that is. Based on MultiDroid (a virtualisation engine), Parallel Space lets you keep multiple accounts (all online simultaneously) on the same device.

To start with, you should have all the apps you want to use (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and so on) already installed on the device. Once you install Parallel Space, you can select which ones you want to run in the virtual space of this app.You can also password protect this area so that only you can access this virtual area.With Parallel Space working, you can then sign in to your alternate accounts – it’s that simple.


Source: IndiaTimes

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